About Me

Writing about pages is boring, and irritating. What do you include, what do you leave out? What is good to tell people and when does it get boastful. One should get someone else do it for them. But asking someone else to write about you is as cringe-worthy itself. Maybe you don’t feel this way. That’s cool. I am jealous. Why is it that I, and people like me, find it hard to sell themselves but can very easily sell others and other things? Conditioning? Culture? false sense of modesty? I don’t know. But we are digressing and let’s get to the matter of why we are here.

My name is Vemana.

I specialize in providing solutions and making things.

I dabble in a variety of things but the focus of my work is on technology, society, and spaces. And telling stories at the intersection of these three.

Cinema, Coffee, and Cities are some of my other big loves.

I currently live in Hyderabad, India. You can reach me at vemana (at) vemana (dot) in. Or connect to me via social media. Find me on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. And since it is posh to have a newsletter, you can find mine here, if I ever got around to writing one.