My writings:

During my time at NYU, my focus within Media Studies was technology and society. I wrote these two papers focused on analysis of contemporary smart homes, their roots and future.

Chaos, Control and Context – In this paper, I study the contemporary smart home and use a smart bulb as an object of study to figure out the major problems that underlie in the utopian implementation of what we assume future holds for our homes. This paper became a part of my thesis which is below.

The Making and Meaning of Smart Homes – We might not see them as high tech now but electricity, electric appliances, telephones and the internet were cutting edge technology when they first entered the domestic space. As they did, they had profound impact on what it meant to live in a ‘modern’ home and changed the nature of family roles and household activities. This paper looks at the introduction and impact of such technologies on American homes and what lessons they could teach for better implementation of smart home technologies. Continuing from my previous paper, I examine contemporary smart homes; their roots in ubiquitous computing and IoT, the challenges they face at different scales of creation, and the lessons they can learn from media theories of infrastructures studies and sociological study of everyday life.

Papers of note:

Coming soon papers that have informed this paper.